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A gas stove is a crucial thing for many kitchens. When it goes to the stove issues, you may suffer from losing joy and simplicity while using your kitchen. However, do not panic, first try to fix your range. Wolf range is tough enough to serve you well for a long time if you take care of it. And we can assure you, there are no difficulties in proper maintenance. Today we are going to tell you about common range faults and ways of their prevention & fixing:

Surface Burner Issues

One of the most common gas stove problems is the surface burner malfunction. This issue may have different causes such as:

  1. Powerup Problem
  2. Moisture Problem
  3. Debris Problem

In most cases, you can easily fix these problems on your own without special effort.


1. Powerup Problem

Firstly, examine your Wolf range front panel. Is it operational? If no, then the problem is more likely caused not by the igniter but by the appliance power supply issues. Check your range’s electrical connection and your household circuit breaker panel, probably overload or electrical failure has cut off power to the range. As a usual, the oven and range have own dedicated circuits. Reset the circuit manually. If it does not help, perhaps the problem is in your household’s electrical system.

2. Moisture Problem

In case the surface burner in moist, the flames might not ignite. Examine your surface burner and if it is wet, remove the moist with a dry cloth or simply wait until it will dry itself.

3. Debris Problem

Food debris and grease clusters can easily clog the surface burner, preventing it from lighting up. Use the soapy water and a soft cloth to remove the light clog or a hard brush to remove the sustained clogging. After the cleaning, remove the moist to avoid problem number 2.

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Pilot Light Goes Out

In case the burner flame goes out repeatedly, you may try to clean up the opening of the pilot light. If it does not help, you have to adjust the pilot light flame itself.

Weak Burner Flame Problem

Sometimes, the burner flame on the range top appears to be weaker than usual. Most likely the problem is clogged burner flame openings. Flame weakening can be also caused by too little gas amounts or way too big amounts of air, getting to the burner. Try to set up the air shutter to learn if this issue is caused by air. In case you suspect the problem is gas flow, call a professional technician to avoid additional problems.

Oven Burner Doesn’t Light

In case the oven burner refuses to light up, examine the pilot light first. If the pilot flame is not the reason for the issue, check the power cord of the electric igniter, the glowbar igniter, and the thermostat thermal cutoff. The most common solution to this problem is the clock-timer correct setup.

Gas Odor Problem

In case you smell gas when the pilot light is down, ventilate your house immediately by opening windows. After the ventilation is done, relight the pilot lights. If the gas odor can be smelled even when the pilot flame is burning, or the igniter is plugged and operational, it can be the sign of one of the burners cannot be shut off completely. Examine burners and in case all of them are in the “shut” position, turn off the gas supplement to the range. After that open all windows for ventilation and call the gas company as fast as you can.

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Remember! If the gas odor is very strong, call the gas company immediately!

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Noisy Surface Burner Flame Problem

If your Wolf gas stove flame is noisy, it indicates that burner receives either too much gas or air. Try to set up the air shutter properly and learn if the air is the reason for the problem. To determine the gas release amount, call specialists.

Greasy Surface Issues

Fat layers on the cooking surface make the flames smelly and the flame begins to consume more gas. Remember to clean the stove surface regularly to prevent pollution by grease and related problems.

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