Sub-Zero wine cooler repair

Denver’s Best Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair

As a leader in premium residential refrigeration, Sub-Zero boasts a wide range of wine preservation units. These appliances are a more advanced, technologically savvy alternative to storing your wine in a cellar – which, despite certain charm, simply cannot offer the same level of protection and climate control.

Naturally, it is particularly important to ensure that the wine cooler is not malfunctioning – since even a small deviation in temperature and humidity would eventually affect the quality of the beverage. This is why we urge our clients to carry out general maintenance of their appliance at least once a year and call a technician as soon as you suspect your wine cooler might be failing.

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Sub-Zero Wine Storage

undercoutner beverage center

Sub-Zero offers a variety of wine coolers, making sure to match the different needs and requirements of its customers.

The most common types of wine coolers are:

  • Column wine storage
  • Integrated wine storage with drawers
  • Undercounter wine storage

We work on all types of Sub-Zero wine coolers – so feel free to contact us no matter the model and no matter what problem you encounter!

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Common Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Problems

In their essence, Sub-Zero wine coolers employ the same principles of refrigeration as other Sub-Zero appliances. It is the unique internal layout and the particular temperature settings that really matter since even a small temperature deviation can become a problem when it comes to wine storage.

We help customers solve all sorts of appliance problems.

Here are some common problems we see with Sub Zero Wine Coolers:

  • Wine cooler temperature control issues
  • Appliance is running hot
  • Wine cooler won't turn on
  • Noisy operation
  • Door won't close or seal properly
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What can you do on your own to fix your wine cooler?

Give It Time

frozen wine bottle

So, what do you do if your wine cooler stops cooling? First of all, keep in mind that it may take some time for your appliance to reach the required temperature. Wine coolers are oriented for long-term energy-efficient storage and it may take up to 24 hours to reach the target temperature for them after you plug in your new appliance.

Clean the Condenser

condenser coil for refrigerator

The condenser is located in the bottom rear side of your appliance. Despite it may be difficult to reach that area, it is strongly recommended to dust the condenser coil every 3 to 6 months.

Compressor Not Working

Wine storage compressor

If you power on your wine cooler and the controls seem responsive, yet it fails to cool its content efficiently you might have a problem with a malfunctioning compressor. While the sealed system can be difficult to diagnose, a freon leak is one of the most common problems. We recommend setting up an appointment with us if you believe you have a problem with your compressor or the sealed system.

Is the Door Closed Firmly?

wine storage open door

No matter how efficient your wine cooler’s compressor is, it won’t be able to maintain the temperature if there is an air leak. Make sure that the refrigerator door is closing snuggly. There should be no cracks or other visible damage on the door seal. We do recommend replacing the seal in case you find out that it’s leaking the cool air since this issue can significantly reduce the efficiency of your appliance.

Malfunctioning Main Board or Circuitry

Subzero control board

The problem can lie in the lack of power supply. Maybe the breaker was triggered and you simply need to flip it back? Or maybe the control board shorted or burnt? Some of these problems can be easy to diagnose, however, we recommend professional diagnostics if you lack experience for DIY circuitry diagnosis.

Wine Cooler Is Too Loud

column double door wine storage

If your wine cooler is making unusual noise we recommend cleaning your appliance and carry out maintenance. Clean the condenser coil located at the rear part of your appliance. Make sure the thermostat configured correctly. Make sure the wine cooler is not leaking air and, finally, avoid opening and closing the cooler door too often – it will let the cool air out and will require more intensive cooling.

Thermostat Is Not Working or Not Set Up Properly

thermostate for wine storage units

Examine the thermostat controls which is typically located at the front lower side of your wine cooler and make sure they are set to the appropriate temperature. Note: refer to your user guide for temperature advice, since the recommended temperature may vary depending on the model. Sometimes, unfortunately, the faulty temperature sensor may result in your appliance cooling too much or too little. If you do find out that the thermostat is not working correctly you will most likely have to replace either the thermostat assembly or the temperature sensor itself.

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