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Such a well-known premium brand as Sub-Zero barely requires any special introduction. Sub-Zero refrigerators are well known for their durability and high quality, but even the most durable appliances are subjects to wear and tear and they do require occasional maintenance. It does not mean, however, that there is nothing you could do if your refrigerator stopped cooling or ice-maker quit making ice – most of the refrigerator problems can be fixed quickly, often within the first appointment! This is why we are happy to offer you our Sub-Zero repair service – simply give us a call and our professional techs will make sure your appliance is back and running in no time!

Full-size refrigerators are designed for professional food refrigeration and long-term storage, they are a must in every American kitchen and Sub-Zero refrigerators are one of the best options out there!

Built-In Refrigerator Repair

Sub-Zero Built-In Refrigerator Bottom Freezer Repair Denver

Sub-Zero was one of the pioneers of built-in refrigeration and their fridges are still leading premium-class appliances in the USA. Their elegant refrigerators that are often fitted with panel cover may require careful disassembly and diagnostics – and this is why we highly recommend you calling professionals for any refrigerator help you might need. Does your refrigerator fail to maintain the low temperature, or maybe one of the internal fans won’t work? Call us for professional help!

Integrated Refrigerator Repair

Sub Zero Integrated Refrigerator Repair Denver

Integrated refrigerators become increasingly popular in many American kitchens – carefully designed to organically fit into the cabinets and drawers, taking the idea of built-in refrigerators to a completely new level! These appliances require extra care if you need them to be moved or even disassembled, making repair somewhat problematic, but not impossible. This is why we recommend calling professional techs if you are looking for repair or maintenance of these appliances.

Sub-Zero PRO 48 Series Repair

Full Size Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Denver

PRO 48 series refrigerators offer a professional level of refrigeration to your house. These French-door appliances have three evaporator coils, allowing precise control over the temperature in the freezer, main refrigerator, and refrigerated drawers, which are specifically designed to keep produce and other food fresh longer. These refrigerators can be more difficult to diagnose and repair than normal built-in units, but luckily, there is nothing impossible for our techs!

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Unlike full-size refrigerators, undercounter units allow greater flexibility in the placement and functionality of refrigerators. Compact and convenient, undercounter fridges are often placed in living rooms, bedrooms or even outdoors and are often used for storing wine, beverages and help to keep produce fresh.

Undercounter Refrigerator Repair

Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerator Repair Denver

24” undercounter refrigerators and freezers offer significant flexibility in possible usage and functionality. Not only these compact appliances are meant to fit into any room, but they can also be used for storing drinks, produce, food and they even have a wine rack for basic wine storage!

Undercounter Drawers Repair

Sub-Zero Undercounter Refrigerated Drawers Repair Denver

Sub-Zero offers a large number of undercounter drawers models – they can be both refrigerators and freezers that would fit any room in your house and can even be placed outdoors! These appliances excel in storing and keeping produce fresh. Using drawers instead of shelves also helps to keep the cool air inside the appliance.

Undercounter Beverage Center Repair

Sub-Zero Undercounter Beverage Center Repair Denver

Sub-Zero undercounter beverage centers are the type of undercounter refrigerators that are specifically designed to store all kind of drinks, including wine bottles. These appliances come with stainless steel and custom panel finishing, allowing their owner to fit them neatly in their kitchen.

Sub-Zero offers a wide range of wine storage units of all sizes and configurations that are made to meet various tastes of their owners, starting from full-size wine coolers that would perfectly fit near your Sub-Zero refrigerator to such niche configurations as outdoor undercounter wine storage units. Ensuring high-quality, efficiency and durability of these appliances requires experienced technicians for repair and diagnostics. This is why you are welcome to give us a call in order to set up an appointment in Denver, CO or other towns nearby!

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