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Wolf Warming Drawer Repair

We all understand how useful Wolf warming drawers can be in giving us a chance to offer our delicious dinner to those guests who just seem to come a little bit late.

Indeed, it seems that Wolf warming drawer is the best solution for those who do not want to serve cold food to their guests.

Despite the seemingly simple design, these appliances can be a little bit tricky to troubleshoot and repair – and this is what we are aiming at assisting you with!

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Wolf 30″ Warming Drawer

Wolf Integrated Warmer Drawers

Wolf offers two 30” warming drawer models optimized for home use. Simplistic but flexible controls ensure that the drawer will warm your food correctly according to required settings. The model WWD30 is intended for interior usage and may be not as resistant to the elements as its outdoors counterpart.

Wolf 30″ Outdoor Warming Drawer

Wolf WWD30O Outdoor Warming Drawer Repair Denver

A more sturdy version of the indoor warming drawer, model WWD30O can withstand extreme temperatures without a hitch. Even these models, however, may require additional cleaning and regular maintenance after the end of the winter season.

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wolf  warming drawers repair

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Common Warming Drawers Problems

Doors Don’t Close Properly

Wolf Warming Drawer Open

Was your drawer subjected to mechanical damage? The reason why your drawer doesn’t close can be rather obvious if there is a visible deformation, but we recommend you go through the following troubleshooting tips if the exact source of the fault is not clear.

Extend the drawer completely and try to level it. You may have difficulties using the drawer if it was displaced or misaligned.

Wolf warming drawers maximum load should not extend 60 lb (27 kg).

Make sure the drawer’s content is spread evenly and doesn’t make the drawer tilt.

Warming Drawer Doesn’t Turn On

Wolf Warming Drawer Repair Denver

Rather obvious and yet compulsory advice is to check if the power is indeed on. Check the circuit breaker panel and make sure the corresponding breaker was not tripped. Is your control panel working as intended? Sometimes you may fail to turn on the appliance simply because the corresponding button is broken! Naturally, Wolf warming drawers have a number of safeguards that should protect controls from leaks or mechanical damage, but in certain cases that may simply be not enough.

Water Inside Your Drawer?

Wolf Outdoor Grill and Warmign Drawer Repair Denver

Wolf warmer drawer doesn’t have a gasket, which means that the drawer is not airtight and the water could condense inside the outdoor warming drawer just because the air humidity is high. Generally speaking, that shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure to clean your drawer before you start using it. Additionally, keep in mind that the water may condense because of high-temperature setting which may result in the moisture being drawn from your food and onto the drawer inner surface. Alternatively, simply cover your food container with a lid or aluminum foil.

Wolf Range Service

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