Sub Zero Refrigerator Leaking

What to Do if Your Fridge Is Leaking Water?

How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator?

Sometimes you can find your kitchen’s floor wet, and obviously, you are looking for the source of leaking. Is that dishwasher leaking? No? Maybe it’s your sink? Is that a No again? Pretty often your fridge could be the main reason for the wet kitchen’s floor, so find out how to fix your refrigerator for good and stop it from leaking.

SAFETY FIRST! Unplug your fridge before starting the repair process in order to avoid electric shock.

Here are four most common reasons that make your fridge leak water all over:

Fridge Leak Defrost Drain Opening

Blocked Defrost Drain

The drain opening is not quite big, so it can be easily blocked by ice or some annoying food particles, which prevents water condensed during the defrost cycle from flushing to the pan. When the water is overflowing, it starts to spread out all over the fridge bottom and on the floor. The best way to fix defrost drain’s blockage is to rinse it with the hot water. If soft cleaning does not help, you can use a special tool or a short piece of wire to remove the obstacle. This is the most common problem, so it always helps to check your fridge defrost drain regularly in order to prevent such a malfunction.

Fridge Leak Drain Pan

Drain Pan Defect

This fault is not as common problem, but sometimes the drain pan, which is located in the bottom part of the fridge, is damaged. In this case, water starts to leak through the cracks in the pan and spreads out on the floor. Usually, a small amount of water is accumulated in the pan, but it should be evaporated by condenser fans. Normally, the fans blow warm air across the surface of the pan, evaporating the water long before it starts to leak. Examine the drain pan properly to be sure it is intact, especially if the defrost drain is clear. If the pan is damaged, it should be replaced.

Fridge Leak Ice Maker

Ice Maker Faults

Usually the cracked or kinked old plastic hoses cause high water pressure and the connection starts to leak. Also, leaks can be caused by weakened connections between the ice maker and water lines. Sometimes the sealing can get old, crack and the water starts pouring under the fridge. First of all, check carefully throughout water lines and connections for the signs of erosion or moisture. Try to tighten connections, or replace hoses, if needed. If that is not helping, you may try to renew sealing.

Fridge Leak Filter

Water Filter Fault

For the fridge models with the water filter, a bad connection between the water supply and the filter can be a reason of the leak. Sometimes your fridge could develop a leak if the wrong type of a water filter has been previously installed. Otherwise, you may have a problem with the old or damaged connections. Examine the housing of your fridge and the filter for the signs of water dripping to locate the problem. To fix it you have to change the filter, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember that the filter must be appropriate for your refrigerator.

Those are the most common, but unfortunately not the only reasons for your Sub-Zero refrigerator to leak water. Remember to perform regular maintenance of your fridge to avoid troubles.

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