Learn more about common oven issues

Learn More About Common Oven Issues

Posted July 24, 2019 in Wolf Oven Repair by Steven M

Like the hearth was the heart of the house in the old times, the oven is the heart of the kitchen nowadays. With the help of the oven, you can easily bake, grill and roast delicious meal and share it with your friends and family. What can be better, than a home-cooked dinner with the closest ones?

Wolf is a well-known symbol of quality in the world of appliances. Wolf’s ovens are reliable and durable, but sometimes even the best units may need maintenance and repair. You can always call a professional for help, but sometimes it is better to look for the faults yourself first. Some of your oven’s issues you can fix on your own.


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Heating Element Worn Off

oven heating element

The heating elements of the electric oven can get old or damaged and will not work properly. Checking its condition is easy enough, you can do it visually. Turn on the oven and inspect the heating element. It must have the same color throughout the surface. Darker parts are a signal of the element’s malfunction. If the element has darker areas or will not turn on at all, it should be replaced. You can do it on your own following the manufacturer instructions, but better call a specialist.

Temperature Regulation Problem

oven thermometer

As a rule, the faulty thermostat causes this problem. The thermostat controls the temperature inside the oven, if it is faulty, you cannot set the correct temperature. Your meal can burn out or will not cook right because of it. Check the temperature in the oven manually with the help of the oven thermometer. If the displayed temperature is different from the preset, it means that the thermostat needs replacement.

Other reason could be a control panel malfunction or knob faults. In this case, the best way is to call professionals for proper diagnostics and repair.

The Door Doesn’t Close Properly

oven door is open

There are some typical problems with the oven door. First of all, inspect the oven door seal. If the door does not close tight, the oven can lose up to 25% of its heat. Even a small gap in the gasket is the way for the air to run out. Clean the gasket and examine it for cracks, if you found some, replace the gasket.

If the door does not open, inspect the door latches. If they are bent or damaged somehow, the door can refuse to open again after it is closed. This issue is pretty hard to fix on your own, so better call for a technician. In addition, you can check the armature and the springs. Adjust them if it is needed for smoother functioning.

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Self-Cleaning Doesn’t  Work

Self cleaning mode in wolf ovenn

If you are sure that knobs are working correctly, try to check the latch, it must snap shut. The self-cleaning cycle will not begin if the door is not closed correctly. Inspect the latch for continuity and call for professional help if it is broken.

Light Problems

oven light

If the bulb inside the oven is blinking or does not shine at all, it can be replaced. Just remember to choose the bulb appropriate for your oven. Sometimes panel lights can be buggy. In this case, you have to access the insides of the panel to replace them.